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Thinking of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early? What to Know

pay off mortgage

Most mortgages last 15 or 30 years. Notably, the longer the term, the more you will pay in interest over the lifetime of the loan. Because of that, many people choose to pay off their mortgage early if they can. But there are some things you should know before doing …

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How to Boost Your Credit Score

Boost credit score

Your credit score affects many aspects of your financial future. It determines if you get approved for home or car loans, or even other credit cards. It can even affect your insurance premiums. No matter the state of it, you can follow these simple tips to boost your credit score. …

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Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance

You hopefully already have car insurance, as it is legally required. If you are thinking of switching insurance or buying your first car, you should make sure you understand how your credit score will affect the auto insurance rate you pay. Credit Score and Auto Insurance Does It Affect the …

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